Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How to start weight loss plan

Before talking about dr oz weight loss tips , we should understand how our bodies en large and duplicate  in weight. your weight is the me sure of your muscles , bones , skin . organs and fat! our bodies need just small amount of foods to gain energy needed in usual daily activity , this is done by turning all foods particles into ATPs. the ATPs is the unit of energy in our bodies.

dr oz weight loss

So what if we are eating more foods than we need? this excess food will turned into fat particles in stead of 
ATPs. these fat particles are collected in fat cells which are collected in fat globules . the final fat globules are stored in the body in specific sites such as under the skin , around the organs and beneath the tissue.
these fat globules are the main store of energy in the human body and also these fat globules are responsible for obesity!
so How to lose that fat? there are many ways to lose that fat under the skin specially. the first and safest one is the physiological way. which can be achieved by forcing the body to use his store from fat by two mechanisms :
1-increase the demand of energy by start in a new hard exercise plan and increasing the usual daily activity
2-then we need to decrease the income of energy by lowering the amount of foods eaten to lower than 200-300 kcal per day.